Want more fun, excitement and passion in your sex life?

Seth Prosterman, Ph.D., LMFTArticles

Want more fun, excitement and passion in your sex life?

So many persons, whether they are in relationships or not come in to see me with some sort of issue regarding sex and intimacy.  Whether you may have been stuck with a sex issue for a long time or have recently encountered one, you are not alone out there.

Sex issues affecting a person’s ability to have fun, satisfying sexual encounters are common.  Many couples come in because sex and desire just seems to fade away from their relationships as they become closer to one another.  In fact, studies show up to 61% of couples have sexual issues.  I believe that much of the other 39% are lying about it.  There is so much written in books and magazines about the subject of “fixing” sex & intimacy issues, that you would think that it would be easy to figure out how to do this.  In the next few series of articles, I hope to cover some of the reasons why the “how to” books and articles are not effectively helping everyone who reads and applies their suggestions.  As a prelude, here are just a few of the topics we will be covering:

Sex is fun, it is not a performance.

Getting stuck about sex in your relationship is normal – let’s find “the cure for normality.”

Take the goal out of sex – play, explore & have fun with each other.

Having great sex involves more than just “getting off” frequently with your partner.

Leading with your eroticism and focusing on each erotic moment is vital to overriding performance anxiety.

Don’t stay stuck in a near sexless relationship – while challenging, doing something about it can be more fun than you think.

Developing sexual confidence is a pathway to greater confidence in our interpersonal relationships, as well as, in our lives in general.

Intimacy involves both sex and emotional connection simultaneously in your relationship.

Intimacy is never a given – it is something that we must continuously develop and increase in our significant relationships.

Intimacy requires the development of enough inner strength to have hot sex with your significant partner.

Intimacy involves developing and maintaining a hot sexual connection with the one you love.

Hot sex, passion and intimacy involves overcoming fear, shame, guilt, anxiety and taking the risk to reveal our most sexual selves to our significant partner.

While developing sex techniques & skills is important, it takes so much more to have deeply intense, erotic, connected sex with someone important to you.

Making love is not the same as having hot sex with the one you love.

Sex is not natural – it is a learned and acquired, especially intimate sex with someone who you are significantly connected to.

Expanding your erotic world and revealing more of your sexual self is necessary to keep sex and intimacy alive in your longer term, committed relationships.

Increasing our sexual capability and erotic connection can be enjoyed throughout our lifetime.

Overcoming the issues that we all share regarding sex and intimacy is truly a pathway to some of the most important growth and development that takes place in our lives. Sexual confidence is such an important aspect of our personal sense of our own power.  It is a reflection of who we are as people, how we feel about ourselves and how confidently we present ourselves to others in the world.