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Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Therapy Combined

Overcome your sex, desire, intimacy & relationship issues at the same time.

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Enhancing Sexual Confidence, Intimacy & Desire

Eliminate performance anxiety & develop passionate connections.

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Consultation & Workshops for Therapists

Acquire the knowledge to integrate sex-related issues into your therapy practice

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Alternative Relationships & Lifestyles

Embracing Kinky sexual expression or Open/Poly relationships

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Sex Coaching & Intimate Mentorship

Develop social and/or sexual skills with an optional Mentor or Surrogate partner.

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Seth Prosterman, Ph.D., LMFT

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Right from the first session, I will ensure that your therapy addresses and remains focused on the issues you came in to resolve. I continually update my solid educational, theoretical and clinical background, in Sex and Relationship Therapy, to provide you with the most efficient path to realize your goals.

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